Email Marketing

Professional email marketing is easier than you think

Get in contact with your existing and future customers.

Let your customers know about your business.  This is key to draw customers to your existing or new website.  This is the power or email marketing.  When email marketing works, you may experience an increase in responses to your campaigns which could be services or products you are promoting.  Building a comprehensive email list is key to growing your business and relationship with your customers.

You should consider how, when and to who you email market to.  For example, you may want to target some of your customers for certain campaigns such as 10% to membership paid customers.  Whatever that campaign is, you need to consider at what point in time you issue this campaign – perhaps a few weeks out from a key holiday such as Christmas allowing for shipping timeframes.

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A beautifully designed email is the key.

If you want to look professional and stand out from your competitors, consider a professionally looking email containing rich and valuable content.  No one wants to see a bland unprofessional email as they will delete before it’s read. 

Mailchimp as an option.

Mailchimp has been around a long time and many websites draw on Mailchimp’s power to capture and create effective email marketing campaigns.  Of course there are many out there, but give Mailchimp a try as it’s free up to 2000 contacts.  Give it a go.

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Allow me to show you how you can capture and engage customers using some simple yet effective marketing tools.  Some are free…

Create email campaigns to cater for your business and your target audiences.

For professional email marketing which is  simple and easy to get in motion, contact Simon from Maisim Design today.