Logo Design

Your Logo is your BRAND - Your brand is your LOGO

Need a newly designed logo to reflect your brand?

A logo whilst may seem simple, is how you will be remembered.  Consider many common well known brands such as Apple and McDonalds – simple designs that have strong presence.  Do not underestimate the importance of having a strong logo which customers will remember.

Let me design your new logo

Together we discuss your preferred logo and your budget.  Some logos can be designed quick and easy and on your website within the day or may require more thought through design. 

Which programs I use and those you can too!

These days designing a logo can be easy or difficult and that all depends on what you desire.  I use free programs such as Canva.com or specialised programs such as Photoshop.  I designed my business logo using Photoshop and yours can be also (at a cost of course).  Fees for logos start from free to $50 – the choice is yours.